We at Golden Empire Roofing have found that our customers appreciate an explanation to what is involved in the reproofing process. Please allow us a moment to better help you understand what to expect while adding your new roof.

  1. The first step is tearing off the roof, which has probably been on your home for 20-30 years. Needless to say there will be a lot of dust. It is recommended that all doors and windows remain closed during this step. If the garage has exposed rafters, the contents of the garage will be covered with plastic to the best of our abilities. In order to cover your belongings, we will need access to the garage interior. All old roofing material will be hauled to the dump as soon as the tear off is complete.
  2. While installing your new roof, we would appreciate access to your power outlets. This will give us power to run equipment necessary ,such as saws and small compressors.
  3. Access to the driveway, sides and rear of the structure will be needed.
  4. If plywood is needed, the next step will be to deliver and install plywood.
  5. City or County inspections will follow.
  6. Roofing material will be delivered and loaded to the roofing structure.
  7. installation of material will begin.
  8. when the final clean up is complete a final inspection will be required by either the City or County inspector.

We at Golden Empire Roofing would like to offer you a prompt and accurate roofing service. We will do everything possible to assure your satisfaction. At anytime during the installation of your roof, please feel free to stop any employee to ask questions. I personally will be available to assist you. We would appreciate your approval of placing our advertisement sign in you yard during the reproofing process.

Thank You,

Vito Giuntoli (Owner)

Lic. #590329